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What if we admit that appearances count?

Personal appearance plays an important role in the success of individuals and companies.

In today's environment, we cannot afford to neglect our professional appearance, or to reflect an image that does not correspond to the position and values of our company. This also applies to our private lives.

This applies to our private and professional lives.

Of Italian origin, I have always been touched by what is beautiful, harmonious and alive. This is what guides me in everything I do and am. As a child, I used to run off alone to the shops to buy pretty dresses with my pocket money. However, at the time I didn't think it was possible to make a living out of my passion, so I went to business school and had a very successful financial career for over 20 years.

These many years have been extremely enriching and have made me aware of the impact of appearance in interpersonal exchanges. I was evolving in a masculine world, in which people often only saw the woman in me before seeing the professional. I didn't want to give up my femininity, but at the same time I realised that it could be detrimental to me and make me look bad.

So to prove that I deserved the positions I held, I worked hard without really getting the satisfaction I had hoped for. To compensate for a certain sadness, I shopped in an untimely and compulsive way to relieve my guilt. I told myself that I deserved it with all the work I was doing...

My cupboards were ridiculously full.

I would get into trouble in the morning and end up wearing only a small part of my wardrobe. I discovered that the problem was the structure and disorganisation of my wardrobe:

  • Problems with clothing combinations
  • Second-hand problems
  • Endless duplication

Not to mention all the money spent unnecessarily, the loss of time in the morning and the stress felt! That's when I felt like creating a project in line with my deepest aspirations.

Personal image coaching

Image makeovers are rather superficial, sometimes with a bling bling effect, for an immediate wow effect. Image coaching helps people to optimise their style over the long term in order to have an impact on their well-being, their personal confidence and their entire quality of life.

Trained in Paris and Milan,
I created Style Strategy.

To improve your quality of life, by increasing your self-confidence, and your chances of success, by revealing your strengths through a signature style.

You'll have more peace of mind and enjoyment in your shopping sessions and in front of your efficient and structured wardrobe.


"In the context of our business development program for upcoming women leaders, we thought it was important to have a deep dive session on personal branding in practice. Nadia's intervention fitted the bill perfectly with a stimulating 3 hours group session, followed by intense personal coaching.
I will not hesitate to recommend Nadia. ”

KalinaHead of Communication at Pictet Wealth Management

"I met Nadia by pure chance and chance did it well....
Until our first meeting I was focused on hiding my weak points, and I often wore the same colours without daring to mix them. Nadia taught me to highlight the strong points of my figure. I no longer hide my hips, I show off my slim waist, I show off my skinny bits and I dare to wear colours that never existed in my wardrobe. The compliments from my friends confirmed that a small change can have remarkable results. I really appreciated the sensitive way Nadia shared her opinion and knowledge. Without any arrogance, she gave me the courage to step out of my comfort zone. She invested a lot of time and gave me valuable advice, her explanations are of great value to me. The only regret... not having met her before. A big thank you. ”

BeatriceMultinational HRD

"Nadia's professionalism, her sharp eye and her sound advice helped me to lighten my wardrobe, optimise my outfits and simplify my shopping. Her coaching has given my clothing a new look and has "brightened it up". ”

SylvieHRD Bank

"Nadia is an amazing consultant! She is very knowledgable, passionate and patient. She helped me a lot in creating a functional and fun wardrobe. I definitely recommend Nadia for her professionalism and positivity! ”

EmmanuelaResearcher EPFL

"I was lucky enough to be offered two sessions with Nadia.
Between sorting out my wardrobe, defining the colours that suit me and knowing my morphology, the sessions were intense but fun! Thanks to Nadia's listening skills and kindness, these days were enriching! Thanks again! ”

Viviane P.

"Nadia's advanced style coaching skills reveal an unprecedented potential in digital branding. Nadia's methodology is impressive and could be of great use to all our employees, to perform better in their work and make their everyday life brighter. ”

Stefan Dacey PopovicCEO, Talents Nest

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What will you learn with Style Coaching?

Enhanced Branding

Employees are the company's first ambassadors, the best business card.


A strong and consistent image enhances the company's skills and credibility.


Capacity of leaders to be inspirational.


Consistency between the services/products offered and the company's image.


Increasing the self-confidence of employees will increase their potential for success.


Ability to create positive emotions in your prospects.